P-Strategic Financial Allocation SA, founded in 2009, is based in Lugano, Switzerland. It offers innovative solutions to family offices and financial institutions in terms of product and services to satisfy their customer requirements by effectively supporting investment decisions, portfolio management activity as well as the various regulatory aspects.

Our deep financial market competence complemented with internal state-of-the-art IT expertise delivered IRIS, a single fully integrated and multiple user solution for investment and wealth management.

"The growing complexity of financial instruments, the globalization of the markets and the increase in regulations in addition to more demanding customers, have led to profound changes in the financial marketplace. Professional skills and integrated systems are now a must for companies operating in this business."
Giovanni Pagani
CEO & Founder

Key Values

To ensure the highest quality of professional services to satisfy customer's needs and to establish a long-lasting relationship of trust, the company bases its foundations on the following key values.

The long and consolidated international investment and risk management experience allowed P-Strategic to internally develop sophisticated proprietary models of risk and performance analysis, strategic allocation and reporting. Our financial expertise, data management and IT skill sets, and our continuous focus on market trends allows us to meet on time new business needs, aligned with latest regulations as well. Not related to any bank or other financial institutions to ensure lack of conflict of interests and absolute confidentiality. Models and systems evolve in a timely fashion on the operational needs of the market and on the basis of new regulations and customer expectations. The technical platform is always up to date to guarantee security, performance and speed of implementation of new features. Workflows are designed to meet usability and operational effectiveness. We ensure the highest quality of our deliveries and software by designing, developing and testing any feature throughout a well processed interdisciplinary approach. Same "philosophy" is applied to data management and support. Our team is based in Switzerland.


IRIS is an innovative web based service supporting the overall activity of wealth managers, institutional investors and family offices by offering multi asset and client management functionalities, integrated with a complete suite of risk and performance analysis, compliance monitoring and flexible reporting.

Natively designed as a single integrated tool, IRIS effectively supports activities such as client acquisition, investment advisory, portfolio management, trading, back office, compliance, cost and revenue analysis, enabling efficient and flexible workflows.

Fully integrated
  • Client management
  • Portfolio management
  • Regulatory checks
  • Investment proposals
  • Trading
  • Reporting
  • Risks and performance analysis
  • Cost and revenue analysis
To support both workflows and specific activities within a single tool.
Multiple users
  • Portfolio managers
  • Investment officers
  • Wealth managers
  • Family officers and their clients with specific access rights
  • Risk and compliance officers
  • Management
  • Back office
To support the different functions in their daily job.
Easy to use and customize
  • Automated data upload
  • Full customization of the automated monitoring
  • Scheduling of massive production of customized client reports
  • Guided workflow
  • Blank forms
  • Risk profiles and contracts on line
  • Encryption and storage of documents
  • Customization of web views and client reporting
To improve the effectiveness of the users.
Comprehensive and innovative
  • Full financial asset coverage and alternatives (Private Equity, Real Estate, Arts & Collections...)
  • State-of-the-art models of risk and performance analysis
  • Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Pre and post trade checks
  • Cost and revenues analysis
  • Fully customizable reports
  • CRM functionality
  • Internal users with specific access rights
  • Web access to clients
To enhance the service to clients.

IRIS Integrated Workflows


The continuous development of the international financial markets, led to an increase of the wealth complexity of both private individuals and institutions requiring deep analytical capabilities.

Regulations require more and more controls and documentation. Customers require more detailed information, efficiency in management and high technical expertise.

This evolution lead us to create IRIS as single tool enabling the various institutions to operate efficiently and provide highly professional services to their customers.

Asset Managers
Family Offices
Wealth Managers
Foundations & Trusts
have specific client or regulatory needs and specific internal workflows across the teams: IRIS efficiently enables such flows of tasks. With IRIS, monitoring the compliance to laws or to guidelines, stress testing market scenarios on portfolio and simulations, aggregate portfolios across banks or even other type of assets like real estate, private equities or art, and produce personalized client report with different level of details, becomes available on-line in a single tool, 24x7 and globally.

Financial engineering and market complexity require increasingly sophisticated analysis tools: investing, managing risks and understanding performance exceed the "MS Excel" capabilities. Regulations push for more efficient integrated systems. 
Asset Managers

A highly professional and independent global consultancy requires more and more specialized supports to meet the growing needs of our customers. 
Family Offices

Differentiating in the quality of advice is crucial with increasingly demanding customers, without forgetting the growing regulatory duties. 
Wealth Managers

Differentiating in the quality of service offering in an overcrowded industry protects margins and assets under management. The quest for efficiency leads to the integration of multiple services. 

An independent and professional financial advice is an effective add-on in the decision process which requires the utmost confidentiality. 
Foundations & Trusts

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